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Clothing in Humboldt | Ideal Treasures | Summer 2022

Ideal Treasures in Humboldt, recently, has been growing and adapting to the clothing needs of Humboldt and surrounding areas. With their used clothes, the direction has always been to sell gently used at affordable prices, and, give outstanding savings to the customers that are most loyal.  One of their recent display features is that of the $1 dollar rack, and, they keep that 'savings machine' stocked at all times. With their new clothes, the aim is very much similar.  That is, outstanding quality clothing at, still, affordable prices.  And again, for those customers who continually walk through Ideal Treasure's doors, they save a bundle. As a planned distributor, Ideal Treasures had a great variety of  Canada Day clothing available prior to our special day and was thrilled that the quality provided was appreciated. In respect to our great community circle, any clothing in Humboldt that is donated is always met with instore credit or coupons to those members who provide

Speech and keyphrase relevance - SEO on video | 2022 SEO strategy

A popular trend for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in 2022 is that of matching audio descriptions within a video with the meta(on-video) descriptions. The below link will show an introduction video for our company, Brandom Consulting, that uses this strategy: Graphic Designers in Saskatoon . When creating the strategy behind this video, there are some important considerations that we made with how the audio descriptions integrated with the video, these considerations include: Timing - the insert point of the relevant audio descriptions is not necessary make or break, yet, a wealth of previous SEO experience says that the audio should be closer to the beginning of the video rather than at the end.  This will increase your chances that a Google crawler will identify this information (more times than not) Projection - the quality of the audio description is certainly an important factor.  In a basic sense, if the machine responsible for detecting descriptions cannot clearly identify wh

Fairy Door Lore: Graphic Design in Humboldt | Brandom Consulting

Fairy Door Lore: Graphic Design in Humboldt | Brandom Consulting : I would like to post a little spiel about Brandom Consulting.  This company now offers  graphic design in Humboldt , even though, they still...

Fairy Door Lore: Travel to the Caribbean with PhotoJomo

Fairy Door Lore: Travel to the Caribbean with PhotoJomo : So friends of ours told us about PhotoJomo a few days ago and these adventures look so exciting!  If and when I travel to the caribbean , I ...