Speech and keyphrase relevance - SEO on video | 2022 SEO strategy

A popular trend for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in 2022 is that of matching audio descriptions within a video with the meta(on-video) descriptions.

SEO on video

The below link will show an introduction video for our company, Brandom Consulting, that uses this strategy:

Graphic Designers in Saskatoon.

When creating the strategy behind this video, there are some important considerations that we made with how the audio descriptions integrated with the video, these considerations include:

  • Timing - the insert point of the relevant audio descriptions is not necessary make or break, yet, a wealth of previous SEO experience says that the audio should be closer to the beginning of the video rather than at the end.  This will increase your chances that a Google crawler will identify this information (more times than not)

  • Projection - the quality of the audio description is certainly an important factor.  In a basic sense, if the machine responsible for detecting descriptions cannot clearly identify what is said, the chances of the audio being a useful SEO recipe diminish.  Google, as well, has a method of scanning audio from a 'human' aspect, so, keep it simple (IE. If your next door neighbor can't understand it, then record it again).

  • Relevance - through past SEO experience, I have discovered that having key phrases 'loosely' relate to the SEO target phrase can sometimes work just as well as an exact match.  In the video link, you will note that our link phrase is graphic designers in Saskatoon, while, the first sentence mentions "...graphic designers in Saskatoon and Humboldt".  This planned strategy refers back to some of that 'human' factor.  Too many exact matches for key phrases can sometimes look 'too' perfect.  after all, Google does all this for the humans, don't they? :)

  • Other - other considerations for Video SEO include:
    • title of video file (match)
    • alt of HTML embed (or similar)
    • YouTube descriptions (or similar)

Mix these SEO on video tactics with your usual SEO recipes and you might just find yourself a tasty SEO treat.  Keep in mind, though, that fresh content and accuracy are important.

Brought to you by the good folks at Brandom Consulting.


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