Graphic design - Me, myself, and AI

So what is the future for graphic design?  Great question.  Firstly, while our company still offers graphic design in Saskatoon, there are many in the industry who ask the question, "When will AI take my industry away?"

It seems that 2023 has made it apparent that AI has made it's way into everyday life, more frequently.  From programs like DALL-E, to SMS software like, artificial intelligence is broadening it's horizon.

DALL-E is a program that, among other functions, generates images from a user-entered description.  I have tried this program myself, and though there are still minor bugs to swim through, this program definitely is heading in the direction of automated image creation.

This, spells out significant doom for the traditional digital designer.  As a designer myself, I feel that it is ever more important to adapt and learn how a designer can integrate with the artificial intelligence in a meaningful way.

Easier said than done, unless, you say it to an AI app...they will probably give you the answer right away.

Some current ways that AI is being used:

  • For education
    • learning platforms are harnessing the power of automation for asynchronous learning (though it may seem synchronous for some)

  • For sales
    • automation of generic-type info can help make the salesforce more efficient

  • For image generation
    • DALL-E

  • For data mining
    • let's not forget about this one
    • these strategies are numerous to name
    • companies like Indeed use AI for candidacy among other reasons
Personally, I can see the positive impacts that AI can have on improving efficiency for many industries/job-types.  Additionally, I can see how AI is streamlining intrusive habits that may dangle in such topics as privacy issues, and harassment.

Whichever opinions we may have, it is in the best interest of us all to accept AI into our lives, and adapt.

Lenny Vineham


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